Coleslaw with Creamy Lemon Dill Dressing

6-8 servings, depending on how much you like coleslaw

Kitchen equipment

• Cutting knife & board
• Salad bowl, salad spoons
• Small mixing bowl
• Whisk
• Measuring spoons, measuring cup


• ½ cup light sour cream (or yogurt – we used 2% yogurt)
• ½ cup light mayonnaise
• 3 Tbs finely chopped fresh dill
• 1 Tbs lemon juice
• 2 tsp Dijon mustard
• ¼ tsp each salt & pepper

• 1 16 oz package ready-chopped coleslaw mix


1. Finely chop the dill.

2. Whisk all dressing ingredients together in a small mixing bowl. Taste and add more salt or pepper or lemon juice, according to your taste.

3. Dump coleslaw mix into a large salad bowl. Add enough dressing to coat, tossing well. Refrigerate covered until ready to serve.


OK, so our coleslaw was not very photogenic. But it had a lovely fresh lemony-dill taste.


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