Chocolate Topping for Ice Cream

This is the kind of chocolate topping that hardens into a snappy shell on contact with ice cream.

Makes 2 cups

Kitchen equipment

  • kitchen scales and/or measuring cups, measuring spoons
  • microwave-safe bowl or metal bowl that nests snuggly on top of a medium-sized saucepan
  • stirring spoon
  • clean, empty squeeze bottle


  • 250 grams (1/2 pound) dark chocolate, 66% to 72%, finely chopped
  • 200 grams (about 1 cup) refined coconut oil (or use virgin or unrefined, if you like the coconut flavour)
  • 125 grams (about 6 tablespoons) light (clear) corn syrup (we used golden, and it was fine)


1. Combine chocolate, coconut oil, and corn syrup in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on half power in 15 second bursts, stirring with a spoon in between, 3 to 4 times, until chocolate is completely melted. If heated too much, the chocolate may break, forming harmless brown speckles in the sauce; blend in a blender on high speed for 30 seconds to re-emulsify the sauce.
OR combine chocolate, coconut oil, and corn syrup in a bowl which nestles snugly on top of a pot with an inch or two of simmering water.  Make sure you don’t get even a drop of water in the sauce, or it may break — see above.  Stir constantly just until melted and smooth.

 (We used the stove-top method — it’s easier to make sure you don’t overheat the chocolate.)

2. Transfer chocolate topping to a squeeze bottle or container and store at room temperature, shaking or stirring with a spoon if it separates. Drizzle over ice cream, or in our case, Yonanas frozen fruit “ice cream”.  For best results, let topping harden on ice cream for 30 seconds before eating.  It will change from shiny to matt, and then you know it has hardened.



Chocolate Topping is kind of hidden under our delicious raspberry sauce, but it’s there. I’ll take a better photo next time we make it — and we will be making it again!


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