Taco Bar

To set up a taco bar where everybody can construct their own tacos, just the way they like them:

Choose two or three fillings.  We made the beef filling from our Taco Salad recipe, in 2 versions: ground beef and veggie ground round; and a spicy baked fish.

Choose some tacos.  We used cornmeal and flour, both whole wheat and traditional white.  You could also use hard corn taco shells.  Warm up soft tacos by wrapping no more than 6 at a time in a damp tea towel and microwaving for about 30 seconds.  Heat hard tacos according to package directions.

Set out some additional toppings on a table, for everybody to construct their own taco:

chopped Romaine lettuce
shredded red cabbage or coleslaw mix
tomatillo salsa
fresh salsa (from our beef taco salad recipe)
grated cheddar and/or Monterey Jack
pickled red onions
hot peppers
chipotle mayo
sour cream
chopped cilantro



4 thoughts on “Taco Bar

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