About Us and our Cooking Activities

The Club Inclusion is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Some of us get together for Lunch Club, Supper Club, and a weekly Snack Club where participants make healthy snacks for our daily Drop-in.

There are usually between 12 and 25 people helping to make a meal (or snacks).  Most of our members have intellectual and/or communication disabilities.  We rely on enthusiastic volunteers to help out.

Our recipes are here for you to try at home or share with friends. They are all easy to make, and can be changed to suit your individual needs.

This is how we choose our recipes:

  1. Dishes that can be made and eaten in 3 to 4 hours or less (so nothing that needs to be frozen overnight, or cooked for 5 hours)
  2. Most of our cooks are beginners, so no fancy techniques or complicated steps.  We also try not to do anything too dangerous.  And we don’t have a food processor – but we do have lots of people to chop things!
  3. Recipes that can be easily changed for different sized groups and food restrictions.  We especially like recipes that are or can easily be made vegetarian and/or gluten-free, and we sometimes have to accommodate dairy-free, low-acid, sugar-free or yeast-free diets.
  4. We also like recipes that let individual cooks make their own choices, for example, quesadillas, stuffed baked potatoes, and food cooked in single-serving parchment packets.
  5. We like recipes that are healthy and use whole natural ingredients.
  6. We look for food that is produced locally, and ingredients that aren’t too expensive.

This blog is a way of sharing photos and recipes.  It is currently maintained by Audrey Samson (samsonhalifax@yahoo.ca)

If you have recipes that you think would work for our group, we’d love you to share them with us.

Our Lunch Club is on Thursdays in the Fall, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Lunch Club:  SCRI_lunch_club@yahoo.ca

Halifax Supper Club is once a month (except July & December), on a Saturday, from 3:30 to 7:30 pm.
Halifax Supper Club:  SCRI_supper_club@yahoo.ca

Bedford Supper Club is taking a break.

Snack Club is on designated afternoons at 3 pm (part of regular Drop-in)

With thanks to United Way Halifax for funding.  Thank you, Investors Group and Progressive Cabinets and Millwork, for renovating our kitchen.  And thank you to all our terrific volunteers, we could not do these programs without you!

To volunteer with any of our programs, please contact Jackie Rivers, Volunteer Coordinator: 

Email: jackie@theclubinclusion.com

To be added to our mailing list, please contact Alice Evans, Executive Director:

Telephone: (902) 478 1917         Email: alice@theclubinclusion.com




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