Lunch Club #8, 2016

Our last Lunch Club of the year.  We celebrated with party food and certificates. Pita Pizza Muddy Middle Chocolate Cakes Cooking together Eating together MC Justin presented certificates to our fabulous cooks

Lunch Club #7, 2016

Today we made Noodles in Peanut Sauce and Pecan-Stuffed, Chocolate-dipped Dates. We used Bam dates that we got from the Mid-East Food Centre on Agricola St. at North.  They’re not too big (just the right size to encase a pecan half) and very caramel-y.  We dipped half in dark chocolate, and half in milk chocolate.…

Lunch Club #6, 2016

We made a couple of old favourites at this week’s Lunch Club: Chicken Fajitas Yonanas ice cream sundaes We used the Yonanas machines to turn frozen bananas, mango & strawberries into “ice cream”, then added raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, and toasted pecans.  Delicious AND healthy! Cooking together We each added our own toppings and extras…

Lunch Club #5, 2016

Soup makes a good Fall lunch, especially See-in-the-Dark Soup, as the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier once we go off daylight-saving time this weekend.  We served our soup with garlic-parmesan toast. For dessert, we made Easy Apple Pastries. Cooking together Eating together

Lunch Club #4, 2016

Our pre-Halloween Lunch Club featured an orange vegetable, as well as Fish Fingers and mashed potatoes.  We mixed up our own tartar sauce to go with the fish. Dessert was Peanut Butter Balls.  Everybody also got to take home two as an early Halloween treat. Cooking together Eating together

Lunch Club #3, 2016

We like to make stuffed baked potatoes at Lunch Club, because everybody gets to make their own, with the stuffing ingredients they choose.   Dessert was Akwadu, an African baked banana dish.  We served it with whipped coconut cream.   Cooking together Eating together  

Lunch Club #2, 2016

At Lunch Club on Thursday, we went with some old favourites: Personalized Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, with a side of Coleslaw with Lemon-Dill dressing and for dessert we made two puddings in the blender: Chocolate-Orange Pudding, and Caramel Pudding.  Both are made with tofu, so that makes them pretty high-protein, for a dessert.  They’re super-quick to…